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Getting Started with How2

Here we have a couple of videos that will help you become acquainted with the How2 site. One gives an overview of the site, and how to use it, and the other talks you through the Registration process.

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Clinicians using EMIS Web

This suite of videos is targeted at GPs who may wish to learn the key elements of the EMIS Web system or refresh their existing knowledge

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Configuring EMIS Web

There are many ways to customise EMIS Web with your own personal preferences.  Here is a suite of videos showing how you can make EMIS Web work more quickly, easily and efficiently for you.

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Using Apex

Here is a selection of videos that talk you through how to get more from your Apex dashboard data.

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A bundle of videos that focus on the different areas of the Docman software package.

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EMIS Web Remote Consultations

This bundle describes EMIS Web Remote Consultations and how it can be used to facilitate cross-organisation appointment booking, and direct access into patient records during this type of consultation.

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e-Referrals and Managed Referrals

Two commonly used methods of creating referrals are outlined in this Bundle. The Managed Referrals video is specific to making referrals directly into CCICP in Cheshire, but gives you an idea of how the process would work in other parts of the country too.

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This video gives an overview of when and how to use the iGPR software to redact data from patient records. It also provides an active link to videos on iGPR’s own website.

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